CBG is the short name for Cannabigerol, often known as the ‘mother’ cannabinoid or the ‘stem cell’. This is because in it’s acidic state (CBGa) it is the precursor to the better known compounds CBD, CBC and THC. However, it’s a lot less well known than CBD due to it being found in relatively small …

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Best value ‘starter’ CBD products

The general recommendation for people new to taking CBD is to ‘start low and go slow’. In other words, start with a low dosage and build up slowly so your Endocannabinoid System has the chance to adjust to the intake of external cannabinoids. This has led to a large number of low CBD content ‘starter’ …

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What dosage of CBD should you take?

As everyone is aware, CBD oil is sold in this country as a food supplement and suppliers are not permitted to give medical advice. This also relates to advice about dosage, which seems rather odd given that we are supplying the product. However, we are required to give guidelines on the product labels and must …

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How our costs compare with others

It’s really quite difficult to find a wide range of golden oils on the market but a simple google search for ‘cbd golden oils’ will at least give you some objective opinions on why we opted for this instead of other oils. Furthermore, you will discover that the price of golden oil tends to be …

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What is the Entourage Effect

An article by Perry Soloman, Chief Medical Officer of HelloMD While medical researchers have identified more than 480 components in cannabis, including 66 compounds unique to the plant, scientists have yet to determine exactly how these chemical components work together to produce different reactions. One concept, termed the “entourage effect,” theorizes that some cannabis compounds, …

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