What to look for when purchasing CBD products

The reason you buy CBD products is for the CBD content. Too many products on the market mislead the purchaser by implying a higher CBD percentage by referring to the potency of the oil extract used. For example, if the raw oil has a 20% potency and then that is mixed at a 1:5 ratio – the total CBD content is reduced to just 4%. Your safest bet is to look for the actual CBD content in mg and compare that with other products.

But then there is also the quality of the oil being used. The best oil is known as ‘broad spectrum’ or ‘broad plant extract’. This contains not only CBD but also an array of the other cannabinoids found in the plant. Evidence suggests that it is the way that CBD interacts with these which provides the health benefits.

Many CBD products are made using CBD isolate which has the other cannabinoids removed.

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