CBG is the short name for Cannabigerol, often known as the ‘mother’ cannabinoid or the ‘stem cell’. This is because in it’s acidic state (CBGa) it is the precursor to the better known compounds CBD, CBC and THC. However, it’s a lot less well known than CBD due to it being found in relatively small amounts in the hemp plant from which commercial cannabinoid products are extracted. With natural levels often of less than 1%, CBG extract is generally a much more expensive product – so it’s easy to see why CBD has taken the limelight…until now.

CBG was actually first discovered in the 1960’s but it’s really only been in recent years that research has begun to allow us to understand the potential benefits of this and the other major cannabinoids (except perhaps THC, which has been very popular for decades in certain circles). We now know that they convert from their acidic form when exposed to high temperatures or ultraviolet light in a process known as decarboxylation. And it’s in these ‘activated’ forms that they appear to provide most of their benefits when they interact with our own Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Reports about CBG suggest that it has a more potent action on the ECS and may even increase the potency of CBD and the other cannabinoids when ingested.

As mentioned above, CBGa is thought to be the first cannabinoid produced in the biosynthetic pathway and its low percentage in the harvested plant is due to the fact that nearly all of the CBGa converts to CBDa or THCa. However, farmers are now working on CBG rich strains of hemp in order to bring the cost of it down – and in the meantime some of the hemp can be harvested early when the percentage of CBG is higher.

As with CBD, we are not able to make any medical claims about CBG but there is a growing amount of information available for anyone wishing to do a little online research. Suffice it to say that CBG binds to the CB2 receptors found in the gut, connective tissue and the nervous system and for those people who enjoy the benefits of CBD, we certainly feel that our CBG products will not disappoint. It looks set to steal the spotlight from CBD in the coming years.

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