How our costs compare with others

It’s really quite difficult to find a wide range of golden oils on the market but a simple google search for ‘cbd golden oils’ will at least give you some objective opinions on why we opted for this instead of other oils. Furthermore, you will discover that the price of golden oil tends to be higher than many of the other products available. However, to demonstrate just how competitively priced we are, the comparison chart below includes oils of all types. Our mission was to offer the highest quality oil at the best price we could. You’ll see from the chart, which was updated in January 2020, that we are still immensely proud to be leading the way in value for money.

The list includes 28 of the most reputable companies in the country. We’ve based it on their lowest priced product per 100mg of CBD and only looked at products up to 600mg in total. We’re happy to provide a full list of their products if required and also to compare any other products you may wish us to.