THK vape cartridge – wild berry


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Super-concentrated CBD vape cartridge with 365mg of CBD.

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Taking CBD vaping to the next level, our super-concentrated cartridge system is surely the fastest way of getting effective CBD dosing into your system. With a CBD concentration of over 50% it will only take a few puffs to feel the benefits, so is ideal for those who require almost instant relief.

In a break from our usual products, the cartridges contain a broad spectrum CBD distillate with added cannabis derived terpenes. So although this is not a full spectrum product we do feel that the effectiveness of the vape cartridge makes it a welcome addition to The Herb Kingdom family.

Vaping is the most bio-available way of consuming cbd and the effects are felt more quickly. However, it is not as long lasting as the dropper oils or capsules, so we recommend using the vape products as a top up to the cbd oils.


  • 365mg organic broad spectrum CBD distillate
  • Botanical terpenes
  • MCT
  • 0% nicotine
  • 0% THC
  • 0.70ml oil content per cartridge

The price of the e-liquid includes delivery – simply enter ‘THKPost’ in the Coupon Code box and click ‘Apply Coupon’ to remove the standard postal fee.



All products sold by The Herb Kingdom contain less than 0.01% THC.